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Project Description
Ken Getz originally wrote the FixWordProperties I believe in 2006. I had a a few extra requirements like the ability to unlock locked files, without passwords, using the office interop model, instead of word and a few more things that I needed in the winter of 2007.

This project was updated and modified to resolve issues with the original project available on Code Gallery. There were a couple issues with the release available for download in the winter of 2007.

1. The installation required Office to be installed and I dont believe in Clilent Products being deployed to servers.
2. Clients have numerous locked published documents that contain incorrect metadata
3. All other tools available either would not open locked files or left files in a read only state so that we were unable to modify the metadata property valu7es when migrating to SharePoint

I have provided this project so that if other folks have the same issue when walking into and aborted migration they will have a tool that will unlock and strip the metadata from word dfocuments and leave them in a read/write state...

Have fun...

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